Efe’s brownies

Time flies. Ten days ago one of my dear college friends, Arzu, and her family visited us from DC. The last time I saw her was an incredible 6 years ago. Hard to believe. Now, she has a couple of cute little creatures with her. Two adorable sons that I met for the first time; Efe aged five and Yigit one. The morning of their visit, before they arrived, I baked the recipe due this week for TWD. I had plans to bake something sweet, especially for the kids, and brownies sounded like a perfect candidate.

I had never baked brownies before but did not expect it to be much of a challenge. The main ingredients were simple; eggs, flour, sugar, chocolate. The process was also simple; melting chocolate, whisking eggs and sugar, folding in the dry ingredients. However, I guess I was rushing a bit and messed up the order of things a little. Rather than whisking eggs and sugar separately before pouring in the melted chocolate, I ended up whisking eggs, sugar and the melted chocolate. By the time I realized my mistake chocolate was already in the mixing bowl with the eggs, so there was no turning back. I must also admit that I cut the amount of butter in this recipe by half.

Regardless of my recipe alterations (intended and unintended), these brownies were absolutely delicious with a moist, cake-like texture and an intense bitter chocolate flavor. I guess it is no surprise that the texture of my brownies were not gooey as described in the recipe given that I put less butter than the recipe called for. I checked out the pictures of a couple other bakers’ brownies, and they look almost like fudge. I personally do not like gooey brownies and was very happy with the way mine turned out. Most importantly, my guests liked them, and Efe was excited to take some home back with him which made my day!


3 thoughts on “Efe’s brownies

  1. Of course, the most important ingredient in brownies is the chocolate! As much as I love chocolate I have never mastered backing brownies.

  2. I’m so pleased your guest loved them…mustn’t have been difficult with brownies like yours: they look great!
    I’ve replaced a lot of butter with yoghurt and we still loved them…and they were healthier…

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