Homemade bagels anyone?

Today, I woke up to the sound of our neighbor’s electric chainsaw as he was cutting an old tree that collapsed after Sandy. We have been seeing a lot of fallen trees in the neighborhood. As I am writing this post, I hear the sound of other chainsaws coming from a distance. I feel lucky that we did not loose a tree or had serious damage to our home.

My morning began with baking a batch of bagels that was actually due on Oct. 15 for TWD. At the time, I was very busy at work and could not spare time for baking. It was time to catch up. I prepped the dough for the bagels yesterday afternoon and kept the dough in the fridge overnight. Preparing the dough was trivial, very much like preparing bread dough. One thing that surprised me was that the recipe called for some black pepper   for the dough. This morning, I shaped the dough into ten little chubby rings, boiled them in water for 3-4 minutes and baked them as explained in the book.

To my surprise, the whole operation was rather easy. I used caraway, poppy and sesame seeds, and coarse salt as topping. The bagels are surprisingly chewy and quite delicious with a slight black peppery taste. I think they  are at least as good as the ones we get from a little bagel shop we walk to some weekend mornings.  David and I enjoyed these bagels for our Sunday breakfast, and I plan to freeze some for later.

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