Semolina Bread

July is almost over and I am posting for the first time this month. I have been bad. That being said, I have actually managed to complete both of the July recipes for TWD even though I am late for the first one.

The first recipe, semolina bread, was due on  July 17. At the time I had just finished a month long workshop at the university after which David and I left for Colorado for a cousin’s wedding.  I did not get the chance to bake the bread until we got back from our trip. Baking this bread was very easy but it required a lot of time waiting. I had to let the dough rise three times each for a period of two hours. In the end, the bread was good but not so special. Among the breads we baked for TWD, it would not be the first one I would go back to. Here is my TWD bread ranking so far : naan, irish, white loaves, semolina. If you wish to give this recipe a shot, after my enthusiastic endorsement :) ,  you can find the recipe  here. Below is a quick shot of my bread.



Semolina Bread




Semolina bread with apricot jam




One thought on “Semolina Bread

  1. When I see the bread with the apricot jam I want to eat it no matter what it tastes like. The jam is the best!

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