Monday night chocolate extravaganza

The second and the last recipe of February for Tuesdays with Dorie is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets. I started the process of baking these devilish deserts last Sunday when I prepped the dough and left it in the fridge. Monday morning I went to work as usual. Afterwards, went to the gym and came home around 9:30pm.  What would a lucky soul have to do after a long day at work?  Bake tartlets each of which is probably  ten times more calories than what I could get rid of at a stinky gym today!  Well, no complaints. I volunteered to be a part of  this deal, right?  Let the gods of butter, sugar and chocolate rule tonight!

As I begin writing this post  it is 10:55pm on Monday night. I rolled, baked and cooled the crusts,  prepared the filling, filled the crusts  and am now waiting for the final product to come out of the oven. 15 minutes to go.

So far, the baking process was not difficult.  Preparing and baking the tartlet crust was not very different than making pie crust. I found rolling crusts for small tartlet molds easier than rolling one big crust for a pie, David’s favorite desert Americana.  The filling for the tartlets had a lot of egg yolks, melted chocolate, butter, chocolate, more chocolate, some more chocolate and chopped biscotti pieces.  I could hear my mom making disbelieving and disapproving noises, cik cik cik sounds in Turkish, as I cracked yet another egg. This  surely is not a recipe for a frugal mom raising three kids as she did.

Anyway, there comes the time to  take the goodies out of the oven.  The whole house smells like, guess?  Chocolate, of course. I will not  be surprised if a giant bittersweet chocolate chunk monster chases me in a nightmare tonight.

Here is how my tartlets look.

Fresh from the oven

Apparently, I left my biscotti pieces a wee bit bigger than they should be as the tartlets have a hilly surface with chunks of biscotti peeping out, rather than a smooth one.  I will just say that I was after a more rustic look in my tartlets.

David and I both just tasted one of these. To our surprise, they actually are not killer sweet.  I generally prefer citrus or berry flavor in deserts, but these are really incredible. They have a very well-balanced flavor. David loved having big crunchy chunks of biscotti in some of his bites.

The perfect bite

Overall, I humbly declare that this trial was a success. The pros of the trial were a happy husband, 6 tartlets to be fed to some good souls I know,  and a sense of satisfaction from baking with Julia. The cons: a sink full of dirty dishes and my mom cik’ing in my ear.

14 thoughts on “Monday night chocolate extravaganza

  1. Hımm… I can smell the chocolate :)) This seems a perfect recipe for a chocolate addict like me but I should admit that what I like most is how you narrate your cooking journeys. I am looking forward to read the next post. Good job!! :))

  2. These tartlets sound and look heavenly. Of course, chocolate is my favorite food! When you write about your food prep I can imagine that I am in your kitchen watching. What a fun project!

  3. Very pretty!
    Sometimes when I am making something a little over the top I can hear my grandma’s voice saying “For mercy’s sakes, the idea”. It always makes me smile.

  4. I was one of the lucky ones to try these tartlets. It was truly amazing, especially when they are slightly warm. I should not tell more than this otherwise I will crave more for it. Good job Deniz!!! Looking forward the second round of this and first round of all new ones :)

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