Here is how we begin-White Loaves

Let me set the record straight. I have never blogged before.  I heard about the Tuesdays with Dorie Group on NPR. ( The group consists of kitchen bugs like me who will all bake two specific recipes every month from  “Baking with Julia” until we reach to the end of the book. It sounded fun, so I decided to give this a shot. To  double the fun, I have a friend along, who is blogging at

The first recipe -which is due to be posted within an hour!- is a bread recipe for white loaves. My husband is the baker in our household, so baking bread is new to me. However, I must say that this really was not difficult, yet required a lot of  patience. Here is how my bread turned out.

White Loaves from "Baking with Julia"

I will try to write more about the process of baking in my future posts. For now, I will only say that this bread smelled and tasted heavenly.

White Loaves from "Baking with Julia"

a delicious slice with some Turkish fig jam

9 thoughts on “Here is how we begin-White Loaves

    • Tesekkurler Ferdoscum. Bence de keyifli olucak. Gerci… dugun pastasi yapmak keyifli olcak mi bilemedim. Bakalim, ne is actik basimiza:)

  1. It makes me feel not alone when I see other people really never baked before or made bread. I thought I was an anomaly. :) Looks great and that jam looks fabulous as well. My kids are loving the bread while dipping in in marinara sauce.

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